Frequently Asked Questions

Will you travel? 100% absolutely yes! Travel fees may be added pending where we are going, but don’t be afraid to ask!

What do you charge? All session prices are listed on each individual page! Weddings start at $1,500 for a simple 5 hour day. If your wedding is an elopement or something a little simpler, just send me an email and I will put together something customized just for you!

What if we want a second photographer at our wedding? All wedding collections include a second photographer except customized collections. It is such a valuable asset to have a second person to document your day and help capture memories you can’t always get with one photographer!

What if you are already booked on our wedding date? There are some dates that I can offer an associate photographer in my place. This means that I will select and hire another photographer to photograph your wedding, but I will personally be editing everything so you will receive images on par with anything you would see in my portfolio. These are all seasoned wedding photographers who may not personally edit like I do, but can provide amazing base images for me to work my magic on. It's not for everyone, but if you are open to it we can absolutely discuss it.

How long does it take to get my photos back? I always strive to give a same day sneak peek, or at least within 24 hours. Sessions usually have a 3 week turn around but weddings are a bit trickier and require a bit more love and time! They range between 6 and 12 weeks. Wedding turn around times also greatly vary during the time of year, during spring to late fall these times may range to the further end of 12 weeks and in December you may receive your images on the shorter end of 6 weeks! 

Can I get the RAW images? RAW images are not available under any circumstances unless it is a branding session and copyrights are purchased at the rate of $1,000 per photograph.

Every portrait I create is edited with love and is art that I hope will be with you and your family for generations! I would never give out images that I wouldn’t be proud to have you hang on your walls.

What payment methods do you take? Cash, all major credit cards, and check (galleries are not delivered until check clears.)

How to payments work? A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE retainer is required to book your session or wedding.

Session balances are due the day of your session and wedding balances are due 45 days prior to your wedding date.

We want to know more! What do we do now? Heck yeah! I’m so excited to meet you and get you in front of my camera!

Either visit the contact page or shoot me an email at

A little more about Me!

My name is Skylar and I'm a photographer local to the Tidewater/Hampton roads area, most specifically Poquoson!

I love my dogs, my cameras, my plants, and my essential oils. How would my friends describe me? Well... I'm a little bit hippie and a little bit extra.

I'm an Aquarius and I will most likely ask your sign before we leave your session andddddddddddddd I've almost definitely almost guessed it before we've even met too!

While that might sound silly, it's just another way I want to get to know you and your story.

My clients are like my family, I put every bit of my soul into my art and therefore into the art I give to you!

If you think I might be the right photographer for you, reach out!

I'm always down to just talk a bit before you book your session, lets grab coffee or tea or whatever you relax over and let's get to know each other.